sad nat

Nat is sad because...

"is he still sad?" — Nov 14 '20 via Anonymous
"social distance" — Mar 18 '20 via Anonymous
"he's getting older" — Feb 22 '20 via Anonymous
"Echoooooo" — Jan 25 '20 via Anonymous
"too many people use javascript" — Jun 8 '18 via Anonymous
"LinkedIn requires you to log in now" — Apr 13 '18 via Anonymous
"the Warriors' jerseys say "TOWN"" — Jan 20 '18 via Anonymous
"as much as he wanted to stay longer and hang out, he needed to go home..." — Nov 14 '17 via Anonymous
""... haven't touched that app in four years, never added ssl"" — Apr 11 '17 via Anonymous
"…s3 is in an availability zone of hurt." — Feb 28 '17 via Anonymous
"he broke a recruiter's heart" — Feb 17 '17 via Anonymous
"he doesn't get to see his campaign team every day anymore" — Jan 25 '17 via Anonymous

"True. It also means that everyone isn't working seven days a week though, so that's nice." /Nat

"Hillary Clinton is not president." — Nov 9 '16 via @icco
"…there's still no coffee in the kitchen." — Sep 22 '16 via Anonymous

"Truth. It's like they don't understand bean to human ratios." /Nat

"…no two snowflakes are alike." — Aug 24 '16 via Anonymous
"…not everybody gets to have a cozy chair." — Aug 22 '16 via Anonymous
"…there's either not enough disk space or not enough RAM or not enough of both." — Jul 28 '16 via Anonymous

"Truth." /Nat

"of Brexit." — Jun 24 '16 via Anonymous

"True. It's a crazy world. " /Nat

"he got paged at 9 PM" — Jun 23 '16 via Anonymous

"9pm wasn't bad. 4am was the true sadness." /Nat

"he doesn't get notified about why he is sad." — Jun 23 '16 via Anonymous

"One day... <a href=''></a>" /Nat

"he didn't get enough sleep." — Jun 22 '16 via Anonymous

"And it's all Riley's fault! Who pages people at 3am?" /Nat

"He cannot go to PAX because Bernie wasn't good enough" — Jun 7 '16 via @markgius

"That's one way to put it. Bernie was also the reason I couldn't go to PAX East." /Nat

"his coworker was unable to slay a troll due to an oversight" — May 13 '16 via Anonymous

"Trolls must die. This is so tragic." /Nat

"he misses my beard." — May 3 '16 via @gnclmorais

"Truth. It is the most glorious beard!" /Nat

"The parrots are gone" — Apr 26 '16 via Anonymous

"I am not sad about this." /Nat

"he created the database with the wrong name" — Apr 20 '16 via Anonymous

"A tragedy. If only I could read." /Nat

"he does know who I am" — Mar 23 '16 via Anonymous

"I'm actually saddened even more because I don't know." /Nat

"Django and Gunicorn aren't logging anything." — Mar 6 '16 via Anonymous

"Ugh. They are so horrible." /Nat

"this website was used to show someone what custom domains for people look like (Hi nat! -RF)" — Mar 2 '16 via Anonymous

"Hah, that doesn't make me that sad." /Nat

"of an existential and internal crisis " — Feb 28 '16 via Anonymous

"Constantly." /Nat

"He won't make it to BurningMan. Again." — Feb 25 '16 via Anonymous

"AGAIN. So sad." /Nat

"Pritika won't plug in her phone." — Feb 20 '16 via Anonymous

"Who shares screenshots from their phones with 10% battery? It's a type of torture." /Nat

"Winnie is not at her desk" — Feb 5 '16 via Anonymous

"True! Winnie is the best neighbor a person could ask for." /Nat

"he doesn't have photoshop on his box." — Jan 20 '16 via Anonymous

"How am I supposed to make gifs?!?" /Nat

"Alan Rickman has died" — Jan 14 '16 via @markgius

"RIP." /Nat

"he is about to work with his roommate." — Jan 7 '16 via Anonymous

"No Comment." /Nat

" is down" — Dec 11 '15 via Anonymous

"That's the joke." /Nat

"he knows <a href=""/>@mr2incredible</a> is a superior Destiny player." — Oct 13 '15 via @mr2incredible

"Or at least the Destiny player with more free time." /Nat

"he lost a bet with John" — Sep 25 '15 via Anonymous

"True, I need to stop doing that." /Nat

"he didn't have coffee before choosing his bagel and schmear combination, which was horrible." — Sep 14 '15 via @icco
"His carousel ride finished" — Sep 11 '15 via Anonymous

"True, although that carousel ride was like a free drug trip, so maybe I should be glad." /Nat

"computers are hard" — Aug 9 '15 via @warmwaffle

"Truth." /Nat

"he doesn't get to move to Seattle." — Jul 14 '15 via @markgius

"One day..." /Nat

"he can't remember the names of things." — Jun 10 '15 via @icco
"his friend's post got deleted." — May 15 '15 via Anonymous

"It wasn't so much deleted as hidden for being kind of weird." /Nat

"I miss my cat" — Apr 29 '15 via @warmwaffle

"Lack of cats is indeed a cause for sadness." /Nat

"August 6th, last day of the daily show" — Apr 21 '15 via @warmwaffle

"Now how will I get my news?!?" /Nat

" doesn't work" — Apr 20 '15 via @ken_pratt

"Noes! It is down... I guess I should have paid that server bill..." /Nat

"slack doesn't show history" — Apr 15 '15 via Anonymous

"So true, this makes me constantly sad. Slack only shows a random subset of history if you don't give them money. So lame. Lets all use IRC." /Nat

"Hacker School renamed itself to Recurse Center." — Mar 25 '15 via @dmpatierno

"The initial renaming did make me sad, but I'm ok with it now..." /Nat

"I might leave California..." — Feb 10 '15 via @beurredoux

"In the end, she didn't!" /Nat

"The B2 is sold out." — Jan 22 '15 via @reed

"This was sad, but I ended up staying in an alright place and partying at the B2 with <a href=""/>@reed</a>." /Nat

"I have failed my friends: "I figured it would be a bespoke todo list software running on your server"" — Jan 22 '15 via @icco

"#nothipenough" /Nat

"bad people do bad things and stupid people do stupid things." — Jan 5 '15 via @_wac

"As I always say, "Fucking people."" /Nat

"Kim isn't staying in London over the weekend to hangout" — Nov 19 '14 via @TheAlbatross279

"Truth!" /Nat

"he doesn't know how to manage time well." — Sep 30 '14 via @icco
"there is no good coffee in London." — Sep 18 '14 via @dmpatierno

"Total lie! I really like the coffee in London. <a href=''></a> is the list I've been working from." /Nat

"he waited so long to bring this site back" — Sep 18 '14 via @icco
"Your domain is slow and I'm overworked. :-/" — Jun 19 '14 via Anonymous

"Sorry! I am sad about both of these things as well." /Nat

"GAE push to deploy doesn't work with Go." — Apr 2 '14 via Anonymous

"Oh push-to-deploy. You could be so amazing." /Nat

"his websites make his coworkers sad." — Mar 18 '14 via @icco
" 502s..." — Mar 15 '14 via @Madrox

"I really need to fix my hosting. This is so sad." /Nat

"of bad web page desing" — Jan 13 '14 via Anonymous

"Only thing worse is poor spelling." /Nat

"Jeanne's phone is dead. So. Super. Sad." — Jan 9 '14 via @beurredoux

"Yup, that is sad, and is why I have spare phones for folks." /Nat

"<a href=''></a>" — Dec 31 '13 via Anonymous

"I guess? More because of buzzfeed than the contents of the post though..." /Nat

"of ruby" — Dec 15 '13 via @warmwaffle

"It's a constant game of love and hate" /Nat

"NSA is tracking gamers!" — Dec 12 '13 via Anonymous
"he'll be in London instead of at The Long Winters show in SF." — Nov 21 '13 via @dmpatierno

"<a href=''></a>" /Nat

"he is abandoning his favorite roomie to go to LON. " — Oct 28 '13 via @beurredoux

"Abandon all of the people!" /Nat

"he is alone again." — Oct 27 '13 via @icco
"the iPhone 5c doesn't have a fingerprint sensor." — Sep 10 '13 via @dmpatierno

"So true! I want all of the fingerprint data." /Nat

"/cry doesn't work irl." — Sep 6 '13 via @jyminka

"Hmm. That's not entirely true... You can will yourself to cry..." /Nat

"Captain Planet will no longer appear, because Matee lost at Jenga and has no more heart for the game." — Sep 6 '13 via Anonymous

"Wow. Who will save us now?" /Nat

"he's too cute." — Aug 20 '13 via Anonymous

"It's a serious problem. No one takes me seriously." /Nat

"there is no micro-hugging service we can use to cheer him up when he is down." — Jul 24 '13 via Anonymous

"Note to self 'Idea: micro-hugging service.'" /Nat

"his auto-updater is broken and he can't connection to his home network." — Jul 16 '13 via Anonymous

"It was a sad day, but it's all fixed now!" /Nat

"post anonymously was broken" — Jul 5 '13 via Anonymous
"The site was down, and no one told him." — Jun 21 '13 via @icco
"He is fat!" — May 29 '13 via Anonymous

"Hey. That hurts. The fact that you think that makes me sad." /Nat

"Borksi and Niket can (and are) spam your form using HTTPie" — May 19 '13 via Anonymous

"That is sad. I thought I had fixed that..." /Nat

"iFixit's MakerBot has been out of commission for a while." — May 13 '13 via Anonymous

"Who is going to print random things if there is no MakerBot at iFixit?!?" /Nat

"Brittany is single." — Apr 2 '13 via Anonymous

"True. But like the phoenix, you both shall rise again. Stronger, Better, Faster!" /Nat

"I'm rocking his chair. " — Mar 16 '13 via Anonymous
"He hates brunch." — Feb 2 '13 via Anonymous

"Not true, I just don't like it every week." /Nat

"Assert.IsTrue(false);" — Jan 23 '13 via Anonymous

"This does indeed make me sad." /Nat

"He has not met Bob...<a href=''></a>" — Jan 4 '13 via Anonymous
"pomegrante is hard to eat with a fork." — Jan 3 '13 via Anonymous

"It's even sadder that my friends can't spell ;)" /Nat

"there is a bottle of whiskey made from Racer 5 that is way too full." — Dec 29 '12 via Anonymous

"Moderation!" /Nat

"He's at work instead of walking with me to the beach and drinking iced mochas." — Dec 27 '12 via @dmpatierno

"So true!" /Nat

"he's not in Chester with 48" snow? We miss him.." — Dec 27 '12 via @LDehn

"At least I'm a little warmer..." /Nat

"Punchd is shutting down!" — Dec 15 '12 via Anonymous

"So sad indeed! <a href=''></a>" /Nat

"I found a bug on his web site, but I am keeping it secret." — Nov 26 '12 via Anonymous

"Noes! Sad Nat is Sad that you're not fixing it." /Nat

"The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn was sold out for the Saturday night showing." — Nov 26 '12 via Anonymous

"Sader that he's being trolled." /Nat

"He is only in the end scene of Xander's wedding video." — Nov 9 '12 via Anonymous
"i'm just testing this out..." — Sep 27 '12 via Anonymous

"Wow. Sad Nat is Sad. Who tests and then doesn't leave something wittier afterwards?" /Nat

"I reset the router at home and forgot to copy his SSH port-forwarding." — Jun 5 '12 via Anonymous

"My server died a week later from loneliness." /Nat

"team event ran out of food before he could eat." — May 9 '12 via Anonymous

"In their defense, it was whiskey wednesday, and they weren't out of whiskey, only munchies." /Nat

"HE IS LEAVING US" — Apr 6 '12 via Anonymous

"True. I am very sad I'm leaving Google Loyalty. Excited for the future though." /Nat

"he had to take the drunk bus home on Saturday night." — Mar 20 '12 via Anonymous

"I'm always debating walking four miles up hill or being surrounded by people who smell of shit." /Nat

"He doesn't get to eat Camille's homemade pie on pi day" — Mar 14 '12 via Anonymous
"He doesn't live in SLO anymore :(" — Mar 12 '12 via @EricDoster

"Very true. Although I do love SF, it is a different type of town..." /Nat

"the Android Market has been renamed to Google Play." — Mar 6 '12 via @mr2incredible

"Well, I don't understand the decision, that's for sure." /Nat

"he never finishes anything." — Feb 12 '12 via @icco
"Has to do work for me." — Feb 1 '12 via Anonymous

"Hmm. This doesn't sound like something I'd normally be sad about. But if you say so." /Nat

"I write way more code than he does." — Jan 31 '12 via @dmpatierno

"So true at work. But I'll catch up some day. Just you wait!" /Nat

"<a href=''></a> is down." — Jan 22 '12 via Anonymous

"Nooooes. <a href=''></a>" /Nat

" is not a pr0n site" — Jan 3 '12 via @mdjuric

"Well, I don't need porn to make me happy, so I don't think this makes me that sad." /Nat

"He didn't get late night Thai food. " — Jan 3 '12 via Anonymous

"Wait what, there was Thai food?!?" /Nat

"He's too tall to be an astronaut." — Dec 22 '11 via @namniart

"Truth. That and I don't like roller coasters." /Nat

"there is no snow" — Dec 19 '11 via @punchd

"So true. First brown christmas in awhile." /Nat

"he can't spell face or palm, he quits, and he's fired" — Dec 14 '11 via @dmpatierno
"he forgot his headphones and iPod." — Dec 14 '11 via @icco
"REDACTED" — Dec 8 '11 via @dmpatierno

"The real problem with working for a big company: even my sadness is monitored by PR." /Nat

"He can't write the front-end to his own fucking site." — Nov 30 '11 via Anonymous

"Hey... that's not entirely true. <a href=""/>@dmpatierno</a> did help design it though." /Nat

"Doesn't have a beer IV attached to arm." — Nov 30 '11 via Anonymous

"A constant life problem." /Nat

"The PRD has changed." — Nov 29 '11 via @niketdesai

"Literally crying in the corner... <a href='!/niketdesai/status/141543748361396224'>!/niketdesai/status/141543748361396224</a>" /Nat

"david has a nice airbook and nat doesn't" — Nov 29 '11 via Anonymous

"So true. But rectified in mid-january! <a href='!'>!</a>" /Nat

"part of his rice cooker is downstairs and part of his rice cooker is upstairs" — Nov 26 '11 via @dmpatierno
"reed drank all the azn soda" — Nov 21 '11 via Anonymous
"winebot is sad." — Nov 13 '11 via @icco

"<a href=''></a>" /Nat

"no one can read his whiteboard writing." — Nov 11 '11 via Anonymous
"he went outside on a rainy day without an umbrella." — Nov 11 '11 via Anonymous
"<a href=''></a> is being uncooperative with certain mobile phones." — Nov 10 '11 via @icco
"his other roommate works for the enemy." — Nov 10 '11 via Anonymous

"And now he can't talk about work. So sad." /Nat

"his roommate can't use the Internet." — Nov 10 '11 via Anonymous

"Or maybe it is a bug on Nat's site..." /Nat

"the woman on the bus has a creepy laugh" — Nov 9 '11 via Anonymous

"Suggested response by roommate: <a href=''></a>" /Nat

"the couch is brown" — Nov 8 '11 via @reed

"I'm actually sad because <a href=""/>@reed</a> guessed which couch I was sitting on." /Nat

" isn't this cool" — Nov 7 '11 via @namniart

"I'm just waiting for the pull request." /Nat

"Nat had to make a sadder website." — Nov 7 '11 via @reed
"frewsxcv only gave him a one word message" — Nov 7 '11 via @frewsxcv

"Even sadder because now I have to add a delete command." /Nat

"DNS isn't resolving consistently." — Nov 7 '11 via @icco
"there wasn't enough beer today." — Nov 7 '11 via Anonymous

"Makes me sound like an alcoholic, but true." /Nat

"he has to go to work in under eight hours." — Nov 7 '11 via @icco